2022-23 Lunch Bunch Registration

1. You will register your information here, which will show intent to use the Sun Valley Lunch Bunch program for the 2022-23 school year. You WILL NOT receive an email confirmation after registration, but a green box will appear on your screen to confirm your registration has been submitted. Deadline to register is May 27th 2022.

2. You will receive an email regarding payment at the end of May.
Single payment options are: cheque or E-transfer
Two payment option is to send in two cheques for 1/2 the amount each
For monthly payments, you can sign up for pre-authorized debit to come out on the 20th of each month starting in September 2022

For now, we are just gathering information. You will select your preferred payment option, but you can change your mind when the payment email goes out at the end of May.

Thank you for registering!

I confirm that I have read the policies and rules for the Sun Valley Lunch Bunch program. I understand that this is an optional, user-pay, lunch supervision program. I understand the parent/guardian expectations from the program. Non-payment will be viewed as a parental decision not to use the services of the Lunch Bunch program; alternate, off-site, lunch supervision arrangements will be made and are exclusively my responsibility.