Sun Valley Lunch Bunch
Policies & Rules

1.0          POLICIES

1.01        PURPOSE

Sun Valley Lunch Bunch is a non-profit organization, overseen by a committee of volunteer parents, dedicated to providing our students with a safe, caring, respectful environment where parents/guardians may choose to have their children supervised over the lunch break.


Lunch Bunch is an OPTIONAL user-pay lunch supervision program. ALL students who will be at school between 11:40am and 12:40pm MUST be registered.

Parents who choose not to participate in the Lunch Bunch program must make alternate lunch supervision arrangements outside of school.

Supervisors, hired by the Lunch Bunch Coordinator in consultation with school administration, will monitor the classrooms and hallways while the children eat lunch (11:40am-12:10pm). Please remind your child that they must eat their lunch within this time period. The supervisors then supervise the playground during the lunch recess (12:10pm-12:40pm). Note some students will follow the reverse of this schedule, at the discretion of school administration. During inclement weather, students will remain inside (per school policies). Please ensure your child has weather appropriate clothing.

Students who do not participate in the Lunch Bunch program must leave the school at 11:40am and may not return to school before 12:30 pm.

Students will provide their own lunches and will eat in their classroom. Lunch items are not to be shared. This program does not provide hot meals.

Sun Valley School is a peanut and tree nut aware school. Please be aware that foods or snacks containing peanuts or other nut products are not permitted in the school or on the playground. These products could have a fatal result for children with this allergy. This includes products that have the label “may contain nuts” and/or “made in a factory that produces nut products.” In addition to this, some of our classrooms are fish and shellfish aware. You will receive notice if this applies to your child’s classroom. The school provides all pertinent medical information regarding your child to the Lunch Bunch program which is shared with Lunch Bunch supervisors to maintain the safety of your child during the lunch break.

Lunch Bunch is not a fundraising venture.  It is a non-profit organization and all money collected is used to pay the salaries of the Lunch Bunch Coordinator and Lunch Supervisors, any training required, and for miscellaneous expenses related to the operation of Lunch Bunch. All funds from this program are managed in the Sun Valley Lunch Bunch bank account and are separate from any school bank accounts.

1.03        REGISTRATION

The registration newsletter will be included in the kindergarten registration package and sent home with student couriers in May of each year for the coming school year. Students may participate in the Lunch Bunch program by completing the online registration form, and making payment arrangements by the deadlines indicated in the newsletter and online.  

Registration forms are completed online at

A new registration form must be completed for each school year. Students transferring into the school and wishing to register in the Lunch Bunch program may obtain a registration form from the school office. Participation in Lunch Bunch may be entered into at any time during the school year by returning a completed registration form and applicable payment to the school office.


Even if you think your child will stay at school for lunch only once, please complete a registration form for him/her and register as “casual.”  If your child’s use of the Lunch Bunch program changes at any time during the school year, please let the treasurer know by email (

Your child will be eating lunch at school every day.

Your child will be eating lunch outside school every day, but may need to stay at school for lunch from time to time.

1.05         FEES

$ 167.40 per year per child for Grades 1-5
$ 90.00 per year per child for Kindergarten

$3.00 per day – Student brings payment on the days they stay

Registration and user fees are not required or used on Hot Lunch days. There will be no other days or reasons for which registration and user fees are not required. The user fee will continue to be payable on days where a child is involved in any extracurricular activity, whether that activity is organized by the school or by an outside organization. Basically, if a child remains at school during the lunch break, the user fee is payable.

E-Transfer of the full payment can be sent to

Pre-Authorized Debit agreements can be made at no additional cost for automatic monthly withdrawals. This is our preferred payment method, particularly with the current uncertainty. With pre-authorized debits, we can quickly adjust and pause payments if things change during the year.

You can also pay by cheque. We are not responsible for lost or stolen cash. Payment may be made with one cheque for all children in one family. Please write your child(ren)’s name(s) on the cheque to ensure payment is applied correctly for each child. There are a number of unrelated students in the school with the same last name, so this is very important and much appreciated!  Cheques are to be made payable to:

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please contact our Treasurer, Cara Alexander, by email

1.06        NON-PAYMENT

Non-payment will be viewed as a parental decision not to use the services of the Lunch Bunch program; alternate lunch supervision arrangements must be made and are exclusively the responsibility of parents.  School administration will be advised of students who have not registered/paid and are participating in the Lunch Bunch program.  Administration will follow up with parents to ensure alternate lunch supervision arrangements are made.


You will be informed of returned cheques as soon as possible. There is a $10.00 service charge for each returned cheque received by the Lunch Bunch program. Unpaid fees, including the $10.00 service charge, must be re-paid by the next deposit date.  We will let you know the next deposit date when we notify you of the returned cheque. Any fees not paid by that date will be viewed as non-payment (view non-payment policy in 1.06 above) and a parental decision not to participate in the Lunch Bunch program.

1.08        RECEIPTS

Income Tax receipts will be issued to parents/guardians in February for Sept-Dec fees from the previous calendar year and in June for Jan-June fees for the current year.  We are not responsible for lost receipts.

1.09        REFUNDS

When a student leaves the school, the unused portion of the user fee will be returned upon request.

Unused part-time fees of a grade 5 student leaving the school will be transferred to other family members registered in the Lunch Bunch program. Where there are no family members remaining in the school, the unused portion of the user fee will be returned upon request.

Students removed from the Lunch Bunch Program for behaviour concerns are not eligible for refunds.

Please email our Treasurer, Cara Alexander (, to request a refund.

2.0          RULES

Eating lunch at school is a privilege and appropriate behavior is expected. The Sun Valley Lunch Bunch will be enforcing Sun Valley School’s Behaviour Matrix for all students who attend the program. For more information, please review the Sun Valley Lunch Bunch Policies & Rules which can be viewed on the Sun Valley School website:

If you have any questions or concerns about the information contained in these policies and rules, please contact the Lunch Bunch Co-ordinator, Darcy, at 204.663.7664 ext. 3242 (during normal school hours) or email